Thursday, July 27

Regular Blog Read 1 - Kenny's blog

All bloggers have their regular blogsites that they visit.

In this little entry, I shall share with you guys some of my favourite.
If u have any good sites to recommend, feel free to post a Comment.
Shall take a look if time permits.

(1) KennySia -
Thats the first site I always visit. Fellow Malaysian Blogger, he's actually a cheongster stuck in a nerd's body!

He's popular with chicks.
And chicks are popular with him too! ^_^

Pretty pictures, soaked in his writings of interesting observations, topped with a dose of Kenny's humour makes reading his blog a pleasure.
Make us proud, Kenny! ^_^
*waves the Malaysian flag*

This post shall be continued.
My 10 minutes to blog is up.


MKL said...

Do you still read him? He's copying my style somehow. I'm also popular with chicks, although I camwhore less :P

Shingo T said...

Haha, you actually bothered to dig up such an old entry to read. ^_^

I don't read him anymore, though I still find his blog entertaining.

I have this habit of frequenting blogs until they become way too popular or commercialised.

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