Tuesday, July 18

Shingo T - The Blogger

Always wanted to blog, but never had the chance to do so.
Ok, make that never motivated enough to start one.
Its always more convenient to read blogs than create your own.

Writing shall commence soon.
As with all blogs, my writings represent my own view.
I bear no responsibility should you suffer any mental anguish or frustration as a result of reading my blog.
And you shall not comment on my England - my writings style is layman and may more often than not, be prone to grandmatical and spelling errors.

For this first post, I will like to do a shoutout to my soon-to-be-wife.
Be my wife soon!


MKL said...

And she became your wife :P Woohoo!!! :P

netster said...

Hey man! :)

Stop by to say Hi! MKL force me to.


Manju said...

This doesnt say much much about THE Shingo! pictures???? please??? :D

MKL said...

Oh, that's not true, I didn't inform Netster -_- He read a message for someone else.

Shingo T said...

Oh gosh, you guys are digging up my old entries, and my dirty laundry.

Better start scanning my posts to delete those posts that put me in a bad light. =p

Thanks for being the first commentator of my first ever blog post.

Oh yes, she became my Wifey. Those memories.

Hello there. Haha, if I were you, I will spam MKL's blog.

No pics. I'm so handsome that all you gals will fall in love at the sight of my face. I don't like to break hearts. =p

Stefanie said...

Hi!!!*wave wave*

AHAHAHA! This entry is berry funny. She's already your lovely wifey, LOL!

Shingo T said...

Haha. Laugh, laugh some more. You will one day be someone else's wife, and that's my time to laugh liao.

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