Monday, July 24

Start working, stop begging!

On a trip back to my beloved homeland lately, I took an increasing notice to the number of beggars on the street.

People who are handicap.
People who looked mutated (it ain't nobody's fault).
People who carry babies, hoping to win the sympathy points.
And of course, people who looked so normal that u wonder if they are plain lazy.

This post ain't meant to be controvesial, but for goodness sake, stop begging.
Begging is a complete waste of time for you, and an eyesore for me.
Isn't it time that people start to realise that there are better things they can do?

Here's a few things beggars should be doing instead.
(1) Be a busker! Blind guys playing the accordian, people playing the flute etc...
(2) Work for someone! Guys on wheelchair who does administrative work, earn money by "folding papers", give away brochures etc... Or be a part of the customer service via telephone, learn how to make websites, do scripting, or even trade stocks at home (be careful though). The list is endless.
(3) Worse case, find something to sell. Tissue papers, 3 for $1. Or sell peanuts like the blind man who does it at Orchard interchange. If u can sit there idling away, u can sit there and sell something.

Being a beggar doesn't mean u can't make a "career" out of it.
And I'm not trying to be sarcastic.

No one owns you a living.
Work for it, no matter who you are.

Have a nice day ahead.

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