Thursday, August 10

The good old arcade days

I have not been much to the arcades for quite a while.
Most local arcades have shut down. The one in Orchard Emerald, Peninsula Plaza, Lucky Plaza, and my favourite, the one in Shaw Towers.
The remaining arcades suffer from dwindling business. Clementi and Jurong East arcades have downsized.
Many others looked like graveyards, and its only a matter of time before they close.

Arcades have always been a great place to make friends for me. Coupled with the gaming webpage I used to have, I got to know a group of gaming friends, both male and female.

I played mainly fighting games, and my gang will meet up every Saturday to practise against each other, all for the name of fun. My group was pretty huge, say about 10 people or so. We will crowd around our favourite arcade machines and dominate it. "Intruders" do challenge us, and if he's really good, we will take turns trying to kick him out.

We were obviously not the only arcade gang around. We do get in "fights" with other gangs.

There was this rival gang led by someone nicknamed "Moonrun". Most of them are bengs. Recalled theres this guy named Alfred, a small fat boy. He's POOKING arrogant, but unfortunately for us, he has the gaming skills to back him up. It will always be one member of his team versus any of us. A mini competition, for pride.

Then there's this gals' gang. Very nice people who are well-liked by both my group and Moonrun's. As female players, their presence in a man's arcade world, playing fighting games , is attention grabbing. When these gals play, guys crowd like bees to honey. Oh, guys are POOKING perverts! Unfortunately, most gals just don't really make the cut in fighting games, just like how gals are stereotyped to be poor drivers when it comes to parking. So sue me! Anyway, these gals are into anime cosplay. Kawaii!!!

A Saturday morning outing at the arcade will end with a dinner at night at our favourite endorsed restaurant - Burger King. It helps to let us know each other better outside of gaming.

Now that our group is disbanded, I only keep in touch with a few of them. If you are reading this, just wanna say thanks for the fond memories.

Arcade dies, good memories remain till the cup of ice melts.

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