Thursday, September 7

The In-laws

There are plenty of things in life that I do not have. Money being the more prominent one. But I'm not complaining, there are other things that I have, such as... Wonderful In-laws.

You know your In-laws are great people when
(1) they don't complain about you in front or behind you.
(2) they take you for what you are, even when you hog their computer for "World of Warcraft" everytime you go over.
(3) they treat you like their own, giving you a angpow whenever they win lottery (and they win quite often).
(4) they helped to iron your clothes.
(5) they drop you a call in the middle of your work, asking you for advice. My mum-in-law called me last week asking if she should quit her job.

Yes, that's how close we are!

Problems with wife-to-be can be classified as
(1) problems involving only the 2 of us.
(2) problems involving other people (3rd party, friends, and In-laws).

I have always told wife-to-be that any couple that breaks up because of the 2nd problem is very pitiful. Love is about the 2 of you. If the reason for breaking up is because of his/her parents, then its really sad.

Poor Romeo and Juliet. =(

I treat my In-laws as friends. People who I confide to at a certain level.

Never take them for granted, never expect anything more.

When mother-in-law vacuums the floor, I helped by mopping after that.
If she cooks, I helped by washing up.
If theres any yummy eateries, they will buy some for me. If I find any good zhi char places, I bring them there.
They buy the dinner if they reach home earlier. And I buy dinner when I go over to their place earlier.

There are no clear rules, no obligations.
Friendship with In-laws are important, and should be built on trust.
Respecting them is equal to respecting wife-to-be.

My 4th years anniversary with wife-to-be is coming next week.
I told mum-in-law what I got for her daughter.
And mum-in-law knew what wife-to-be bought for me.
And she proudly told my wife-to-be "I know what the 2 of you have bought for each othe. And I'm not telling."

Somehow, I'm proud when my wife-to-be told me that.
In-laws are wonderful!

We may not be well-off.
But its basic fillial piety to take care of both your parents and your In-laws.

Get to know your In-laws better.
It will help you and your wife-to-be to have a better and more stable relationship.

Looking forward to be married next week. ^_^

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