Thursday, September 28

Its the little details

Something that was shared during my "Negotiation skills" class last week by a female angmoh teacher, and agreed totally by my female classmates.

A guy tries to date a woman out.
And she says....

Statement 1:
I will love to go out with you, but I need to attend a class.


Statement 2:
I need to attend a class, but I will love to go out with you.

These 2 statements have opposite meanings from a woman's point of view.
But one of the guys in class didn't get it.

My guess is that he's still single.
Get it?


kula said...

LOL... If I'm a guy, I'd definitely prefer the 2nd reply than the 1st. =P

Joe said...

Guy say in case 1," Oh What Class?"
Ger say," Blah Blah Class... "
Guy say, "Whoa! Wat a coincidence!!! I m in the same class too!!! Which slot u in?"
Ger say,"Erm,... 8pm"
Guy say, "Same here!!!"
Ger, "-_-|||"
Guy immediately go sign up after the meeting.

7-8 said...

The moral of the story is:

For women, the but(t) is very important.

J chyan said...

some guys just dun geddit :/

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