Thursday, September 28


Most gamers know what Chocobos are.

They appeared first in Squaresoft's Final Fantasy, acting as a form of mount to help high level characters move faster in the game. With their popularity, more Squaresoft games started adopting the character, such as Legend of Mana.
It also generated its own spinoffs, Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon, Chocobo Racing, just to name a few.

A chocobo is a large bird, machiam like an ostrich. Unable to fly and having a shy/timid nature, they dwell in forest. They are capable of being aggressive when threatened.

Just tame one and hop on. Chocobos are speed demons that do not require petrol, road tax and COE (certificate of entitlement).

Throughout the years, the appearnace of chocobos have evolved to cuter versions.

If some gals are ACT CUTE, then chocobos must be NATURALLY CUTE.

Don't you want to own your own chocobo?

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