Tuesday, October 10

Dare to be different

Call me stubborn, or call me an attention seeking whore.
But there is nothing wrong being different from the peers.

I do what I want, even if its against social norms.
I listen to advices, but I lead my own life. ^_^

I started taking buses, touring all over Singapore alone when I was in primary school, when many of my peers were busy mugging.

I was busy teaching tuition during uni days for basic survival, while my friends were spending their time away on clubbing and entertainment.

I took up yoyo, cooking, kickboxing, hip hop, attend external classes and seminars, give talks etc... after work while most of my peers are at home watching TV or spending time with their family.

Today, Wifey will submit her resignation letter and be a budget tai tai.
And she's only 23.
Concerned friends have asked me to reconsider, saying its not easy to have 1 person supporting the family.
You see, most of the couples I know are both working.
Most are earning more than me.
But they need to keep up with the instalments, the bills, and to save up for a better life.

I appreciate their relevant concerns, but I will like to correct them.

(1) We are both supporting the family. I am the main breadwinner, because I am a man (and MCP). She support the family by earning a little here and there, but her main role is to provide us emotional support. I want to see her smile (rather than complain) at the end of the workday. It will keep my enthusiasm and morale up the next day, and make me feel that at least I have sold my time in exchange for her happiness.

(2) Once we have kids, she won't find much time to pursue her interest. Mum is a 24/7 full time job. It is not any easier than the office jobs that I now hold. I want her to do what she wants now, while she still can. All I ask for is her to make full use of her time. She can go gym, do her charity, freelance etc. I told her to set realistic targets and more importantly, have the discipline to make sure it work.

(3) My 5 year plan will keep us free from any liabilities from now. We have agreed to cut down on spendings and vacations until (4) is realised.

(4) Money is not an issue. I have big plans installed and she will be a key person in helping me execute them, with her extra time at hand. I shan't elaborate too much, but do recall my story of The Durian Tree. Worse case, she can always go back to work if all else fails. If you are afraid of risk, start early.

Yes, it will seem like we will suffer for now.
But I have a vision.
That things will be different 10 years down the road.

I don't try to be different, but most people try too hard to be the same.

Wish us luck.

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