Monday, October 9

The Poor, The Smart and The Smarter

When it comes to income, I categorise them generally into 3 classes.

(1) The Poor
Clerks, Factory workers, Hawkers, Taxi drivers etc...
These are the people who
- work hard
- receive little
- have little time for their family
and had to spend within their means.
Due to limited skillset, they end up doing the same thing everyday.
They stay within the company out of loyalty, the need to protect the rice bowl, or the resistance to change.

(2) The Smart
Engineers, IT Professionals, Managers etc...
These are the people who studied hard for their paper qualifications.
Upon graduation, they get a great pay, though it always appears that their peers are getting a better pay package.
Most are stuck in the Rat's Race because they
- work hard
- receive moderate
- have little time for their family
and are tied down by their home loans and credit card bills.
They stay within whichever company that gives them what they want, normally due to improved monetary gains.

(3) The Smarter
Bosses (excluding self-employed), Directors etc...
They pay The Smart and The Poor to work for their interest.
Thus they
- make sure the rest of the people work hard
- receive in excess
- have time for their family and vacations. ^_^
and are seldom bothered about home loans and credit card bills.

The Smarter will pay The Poor to do the routine work for them, since The Poor does not have much choices.
And The Smarter will entice The Smart to work for them, since most will work for more money.

3 questions for ya to ponder about.
(1) How many of you are actually working for a true boss with lousier EQ/IQ/qualifications than you?
(2) Why be Smart, when you can be Smarter?
(3) Why say its not possible to be Smarter, when more and more people are getting Smarter?

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