Thursday, March 15

Random Notes 12

(1) Why do people add background music in their webpages? It interrupts the songs that i'm currently playing. At least give us the option to turn it off without closing the webpage. ^_^

(2) I'm amazed at the number of people who are completely closed about new ideas/concepts. Understand them before passing judgements. As the old Nigerian saying goes "The pot must be broken before it can be mended."

(3) Studies have linked messy tables with creativity. And my table is damn messy. ^_^

(4) Mr FlyKite tried to get me for another free seminar yesterday, this time a talk by some angmoh internet guru who earned money through the Net. Suddenly, I felt a little nostalgic about the good old days of scripting and designing my previous webpage (though my skills suck).

(5) Flying abroad for my first company trip next week. Plenty of work to clear prior to that. And more backlog after the trip ends.

(6) Episode 16 of "Heroes" liao. Catching up.

Have a great day ahead, people.

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