Monday, March 19

An uncertain day ahead.

I will be flying off tomorrow for a business trip in Hong kong tomorrow.

As such, there are plenty to clear before the trip. In today's context, it means I must complete everything by today.

it doesn't help that the first email I read says "This is not the scorecard I ask for". This can loosely be interpreted as "You have wasted your effort, please re-do".

Not exactly the best way to start the day, but I am determined to end today on a high note, a positive one. I dropped him a "Drop me a call when you hit the office". It has to be completed before the office day ends.

My only consolation now is the new dance CD that I just bought. It will come in handy to help me focus on my work and keep my drive high.

And as always, I have once again be reminded of the need to break free. As ERC always say in their advertisements, "The best way to get rich, is ironically, to start by quitting your job".

Off to serious work.
Ciao bros!

P:S. For the bored, do read Kenny Sia's latest entry on Kid Chan.

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MY said...

Have fun in HKG! :))

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