Monday, March 26

Long live SQ

I had my first taste of Singapore Airlines last week to and from Hong Kong. Kudos to the company for sponsoring.

This is my first time on a non-budget Airlines, and boy, was I impressed. The food and the entertainment (KrisWorld) was great. I watched Babel on my trip to Hong Kong (always wanted to watch that show but didn't have the chance) and played a little Zelda on my way back.

Seats on the economy class didn't exactly had alot of leg space, but its sufficient for me not to kenna deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

My only disappointment was the air stewardess. I didn't really took much notice of them at first, having been captivated by KrisWorld. My colleague, Mr Horrible started by commenting that one of the air stewardess had an uncanny resemblance with Tan Kheng Hua.

With due respects, Tan Kheng Hua ages quite gracefully. But the other stewardess looks a little past their prime.

Before you start sending me the hate spams, I do agree that the primary role of air stewardess is to serve, rather than be an decorative item. Being pretty is just supposed to be a bonus.

But as a seasoned budget airline traveller, how come the budget airlines have way much prettier stewardess than SIA?

All in all, SQ is a great way to fly.
I'll probably get another chance when honeymoon comes. ^_^

Edit: Oops, its KrisWorld, not ChrisAir. Thks Orangey!

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si oj said...

lol i wonder when did KrisWorld became ChrisAir?

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