Friday, April 13

Go Friends go!

Many of the people around me are starting to work on their passive incomes or starting their businesses.

Some have conceived business ideas.
Some have started on a small scale.
And some have suceeded.

Regardless of which phase they are in, one has to applaud them for stepping out of thei comfort zone.

They have thrown what the technical skills learnt in uni.
They have started applying sales and soft skills.
And they are working on things (or hobbies) that they truly enjoy.

People who used to spend their time watching TV and playing computer games after work hours. Now they have used these time to build their business. We talked less about gossips and crap, and discuss more about business plans and real-life lessons learnt.

Shy people whom you have never expect to step into the business world, are now smooth salesman and confident about what they have to offer.

Don't give up, Friends!

When you do something that no one else will do,
you will reap the fruits that no one else will enjoy.

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