Thursday, April 26

The questions are the answers

I was watching a video by famed motivational speaker Chen Anzhi, who was Anthony Robbin's former student.

Theres this part when he talked about how he motivate a salesman to overcome his fear of rejection, just by asking him a series of questions, and slowly lead him to understand how he could do so.

As simple as the series of questions sound, I thought it was a very great way to lead the salesman to break his invisible barrier of fear. Definitely better than just a "I say, you listen" type of talk.

Mum has nagged me countless of times since young over certain issues (mainly related to her over-emphasis on hygiene and dietary habits. =p) Now I know why it doesn't work. Because she doesn't ask questions.

The guy who ask the questions control the conversation.
And he gets what he want out of it.

Teach less, ask more.


~eileen~ said...

Hi Shingo T,

May I know where can I locate Chen AnZhi's video or talk? I have his tape from my bro many years ago, but have lost it. Would love to hear his talk again.

Shingo T said...

Hi Eileen,
I watched the video at my friend's house. Not sure whether he bought it or if he dubbed it.

Ya, the guy is inspirational.

Doubt you can get a copy in Singapore retails stores (ie. if you are from SG). Probably can order online?

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