Friday, April 27


There is this saying that
The size of your Network determines your Net Worth.

How true.

I have a friend, whom I will meet every now and then. I consider him my sifu. He has tons of network, because he mixes around with new people. He make new friends whenever opportunity arises. He does not stick to his own group of friends only. He mixes around, and absorb what he does not know. he has since become the sole distributor of made-in-China vehicles in Singapore, not because he knew the CEO, but because of the CEO's friend recommendation.

The more people you get to know, the higher the chance that you will utilise someone else's expertise or the other way round. Its a win-win situation.

If you are an engineer, and all your close friends are engineers, who do you have to consult free-of-charge should you need any legal or medical advice? Maybe this example is a little exagerrated (there's always the Internet), but you get what I mean.

Its like hybridisation. Cross-breeding is supposed to give you better quality offsprings than breeding among similar species.

Theres this other successful guy that I heard who will pick a random namecard (probably collected over the years) on Friday morning and ask the stranger out for lunch.

Recently, Mr Ghost and I had a chat with Mr Flykite and finally knew why he wouldn't go with us fo lunch all these years. He has no problem lunching with us, but he sacriface that time to make more contacts. And thats why he's successful, much like the sifu of mine.

Mr Flykite also said that the best things about taking a Masters course (or perhaps any course) is the network you create. I would say its even more important than that silly piece of certificate you receive at the end of the course.

For me, I'm still very much in my comfort zone enjoying lunch with colleagues to follow what sifu and Mr FlyKite does.
Luckily, there's still such a thing called dinner.

Don't ask why you are under appreciated by the company you are in.

Ask why you never bother to expand your network.

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