Saturday, April 7

Random Notes 14

(1) Watched Charlotte's Web over the weekends. I'm sure most of us have read this book somewhere in our childhood. Somehow, the only 2 names I remembered prior to the show are thing are the spider (haha, from the title) and the rodent, Templeton.
I'm amazed by my great memory. Templeton.
Dakota Fannings will grow up to be a great star, as long as she doesn't get into one of those Hollywood vices (drugs, partying, getting pregnant before marriage).

(2) There is a difference between being blur and choosing when to be alert. The best part about being treated as a blur guy is the ability for you to jump on them anytime when they least expected.

(3) How much is loyalty worth? And how much does an ounce of friendship cost?

(4) The wedding furniture for my room has arrived. Another down, tons more to go.

(5) Wear your socks before your shoes. And not vice versa. Else, its better to be sockless.

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Anonymous said...

Point 5 - I recently came across an article featuring a fashion show. In it, the models wore shoes over heels. Reason? U only need to own one pair of heels, and can match ur clothes by pairing it with different pair of shoes.

And i would say, it looks pretty fashionable & cool, holding a close resemblance to wearing boots. ;)

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