Monday, May 28

If you only knew

I have noted something peculiar about the group of forummers in the stocks forum that I frequent - lamenting about things that have already happened.

"If I have sold it today, I would have made $3k more."
"I have missed the train. Should have bought it yesterday. =("
"I should have cut loss before the news was released."

To be frank, those were the most unconstructive posts I have read, from a reader's point of view. There is this chinese saying - xian1 ma3 hou3 pao4. Lossely translated as "First the horse, then the cannon". Presumed the saying comes from chinese chess. It means that people are making a comment about something ONLY after they have seen the result.

Why didn't they just do the whatever earlier?
Could it be greed, fear or taking things for granted?

Personally, I am never one to regret over my decisions. Lamenting over the past may appear to be a way to console yourself about a possible "what if" scenario, but to me, its plain pointless. I have made my fair share of mistakes, but I'm always ready to learn from it and move on.

The past only exist to give you an indication of how to fare better in the future.

As my cousin once said "If you knew everything way beforehand, you would have been God". How true.

There is only 1 regret I have in life, but other than that, I do a fairly good job of moving along with life.

I ain't got a crystal ball, but I am a master of my own destiny.
Live today like there's no tomorrow.
And your life will be beautiful.

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