Friday, June 29

Happy Birthday to Little doo-gi

I have called her Doo-gi since young.
We have never spent a lot of time together, as we have our own set of friends.
But we have always been close.

If there was someone I could count on other than Wifey and my bros, it had to be her.

And its good to know that she's making progress with The Wishful Wedding.

I'm proud to see her suceed, but also very concerned of her well-being. Work seems to have taken a toll on her, even Mum says so.

Had wanted to sing ya a birthday song yesterday, but I was stuck in a inconvenient situation at work.

Once again, Happy belated birthday, Doo-gi!
Work hard, but play harder!


The Horny Bitch said...

I have a gal fren today bday too leh.. hehe

Anonymous said...

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