Monday, July 2

The kancheong MOFO

Ever since I gotten married, I have become a little concern with the welfare of my friends who are single. Especially those who do not take the initiative to get to know more people from the other side.

Some of my friends are reaching their 30s, damnit. And if they extrapolate their future to the 40s, at the rate they are going, they will probably end up at the same status - left on the shelf.

If you live your life the same way as you have always been, chances are that you will get the same results.

And its not as if my single friends aren't interested in the other side, they are just leaving things to fate.

Fate seldom comes with women, you gotta work on it.

I have taken 2 male colleagues forcibly under my wing, prompting them for monthly updates on their "progress". Its not as if I can help in any way, I just wanted to create awareness every month. I ask for project milestones and progress. And have they searched for new "clients"?

It came to the point that limpeh was referred to as MOFO by one of the ingrates, out of fun. And MOFO stands for Mother of POOKing Operations.

What the POOK? The all-mighty Shingo T has been degraded to a naggy mother liao.

Coming back, getting married is like getting a job.

You don't just get married at the snap of your fingers when you want to.
Its a long, tedious process filled with obstacles and joy.

You have to look around for suitable jobs and apply. It may take as short as a month or as long as a year. But if you don't take the initiative to apply, you will never get it.
And even if you want the job, it doesn't mean the job will want you.
And evem if you get it, it doesn't mean you will stay at the same company for the rest of your lives. You may find that the company sucks, or vice versa.
And then you start reapplying again for another (and hopefully more suitable) job.

The whole cycle repeats.

Quoting Robert Kiyosaki, "If you are afraid of risk, start early".
If women just fell down from the sky for you to pick, they would have been dead!

To my 2 colleagues, please prepare your monthly reports by Wednesday.
I want to see results!

Yours sincerely.


Small monkey said...

I like your analogy haha.

Everybody likes the perks and package that comes with a good job...

But at the same time loathes going through the motion of having to send resumes and go for interview to get the job.

numbernine said...

No no no... you got it mixed up liao.

MOFO stands for either "manager of -ing operation". Not "mother of ..."

MOFO also stands for "mother - er" but that's another story.

Anonymous said...

geez, you made "being left on the shelf" sound like a terrible fate to a human bean!


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