Thursday, June 14

Power of Pacing

I'm currently reading a creating effective sales book by famed body language expert, Allan Pease.

You will probably know him as the author for Why Men Don't Listen And Women Can't Read Maps.

One of the powerful sales presentation technique is called pacing.
And one of the many pacing techniques is pacing via speech.

The speed at which a person talks shows the rate at which their brain can consciously analyse information.

Never speak at a faster rate than your customer/client does. Studies have shown that customers are more likely to feel pressured when you speak fast. The last thing you want is your customers not being able to process and absorb your information before you move on to the next point.

Be mindful on how fast you talk with respect to the other party.

This applies for tuition teachers, or any intereaction between 2 people where 1 guy needs to get his points across.
Pacing is even more important for people who are on the phone with others, as voice is the main key for communication.

Maybe that's why my ex-boss Blinky always seem to get lost when I'm making my points to him. Now to think of it, I do speak much faster than he does.

Don't let the ship sail before the captain goes on board.
It could only spell disaster.


numbernine said...

Yeh, its easier getting ideas across if you speak like a retard.

MY said...

I dont like the title of the book. Actually women can read maps too. :)


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