Monday, June 18

Random Notes 18

(1) I was down with a severe diahorrea and stomachache from last Friday.
Never felt so bad in my life. =(
The suspects
(A) Rosti from Marche
(B) Salad from Marche
(C) Beer from St James Power Station (first time drinking a full bottle. =p)
Or a combination of all.
But the good news is, having to go diahorrea for close 20 times in 2 days may be the best detox my body ever had all these years. ^_^

(2) The worst part about leaves and MCs is the emails that accumulate, awaiting for your grand return.

(3) Wedding's approaching. There's still 1 guy I have asked a month ago but is unable to contact for his address to mail my invites to. He might have lost his phone or something, and there's no way for me to get him. Should I reserve a place for him?

(4) Dreams are always weird. Illogical storylines. And the people in the dreams are always people you least expect. Saw my broker last night in Lalaland, and met him only once in Mr Sniper's Thanksgiving Dinner. Hmm...

(5) Dropped by the bazaar for The Wishful Wedding last Saturday with Wifey, despite my uncoorperative stomach. Glad to see that business was good. In fact, the owner has already covered the cost of the cart by noon. ^_^
Mum and cousins were there to support her too. ^_^
Her couple keychain were quite popular even with schoolkids. 0.o
Make me proud, little doo-gi.

To infinity and beyond!

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