Tuesday, June 19

Something strange in the neighbourhood?

I always believed that one can make good money in any industry.

It goes down to 2 things.
(1) the business plan
(2) the products (or services)

A little bit of branding does wonders to a common product.
And less common products.

Take for instance local business, Ghost Buster, at Katong Shopping Centre.

Mr Chew Hon Chin, the owner of the business, started because "I started out 3 years ago, when I was told by the gods in my dreams to come out and help people. When I first started out I wasn't self confident enough, but after gaining confidence, I started this business."

Master Chew and Son, the dynamic duo without the cape

How many of us will do what is "told in your dreams"?

Read his interview here.
He talks about the obstacles faced and other business stuffs. Its a good read.

If there's something strange in the neighbourhood?
Who do you call?

Ghostbusters! ^_^

This post is specially dedicated to the brave girl who is stepping into the journey of unknowns, to pursue what she loves. Jia you!!

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Small Monkey said...

Not sure if i'm that 'brave girl' in question.. wanna say a big thank you nonetheless :)

I'll always rem your caution. Lose your passion lose your business! Great piece of advice :)

Keep blogging!

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