Tuesday, June 5

TV Day

When my sister and I were young, TV was a way of life. Catching mandarin drama serials, watching cartoons and movies, I was basically a couch potato when not in school or arcade.

Mum used to nag about the long hours we spent on TV. The only shows she approved are the evening news and documentaries.
Dad never complained, but he always have this saying that actors are cheaters, homeviewers are silly people (yan3 xi4 si4 pian4 zi3, kan4 xi4 si4 sa2 zi3).

And how we have grown. My sister, who used to lie on the sofa to watch TV after work, is now too busy embarking on her business to have time to chase a drama serial.

And I am back home late most of the time. The only day I purposely make an effort to watch TV is on Monday. Coincidentally, its also the first day of the work week.

And why Monday? Because the good shows are here.

Desperate Housewives, been following it since Season 1. Was told that with the exception of 1 female lead, the rest are ladies in their 40s. Mature and attractive ladies are hot. Now even Wifey watches it.

The consequences of not watching the show is dire.

And then there's Beauty and the Geek.
Someone in there looks like Mr Bill Gates. Anyone can spot him?

One of those reality game shows where a couple (Guy=Geek, Gal=Beauty) will be sent off every week. For the guys, there is star trekker, a Super Mario wannabe, a perfect SAT score student etc... And the chicks consist of playboy girl, bikini babes etc... Pair them up and you will see how ignorant the guys are when it comes to fashion/sports while the gals are bimboitic when it comes to knowledge of the otherwise.

And yesterday, there was even an Adam Khoo interview on CNA. Now how cool is that? Watched the entire footage, and damn, my idol is good.

How can anyone not look forward to Monday? ^_^

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