Tuesday, July 10

Random Wedding Notes

And so, my wedding dinner has finally been over.

Some random notes.

(1) When I started preparing for my wedding, cost was a very big component that I was consciously focusing on. My relatives will be coming from Malaysia, and the angpow from them will be pitiful. I knew I was going to make a loss, but I was determined to cut the loss to the minimum. And if possible, even make a profit.
On the final day itself however, some obstacles crop up here and there, and the thought of losing money no longer crossed my mind. It is then that I realised, Nothing matters more than the wedding going on smoothly.
Its an important lesson I picked up.

(2) Fetching Wifey and the Tea Ceremony in the morning was a rush. There was a traffic jam on major expressways. And the videographer needs to rush on his photo montage, so we have to finish the morning ASAP.

(3) The gatecrashing was fun, but it was a little mild. I'm so thick-skin, how can you allow me to get away so easily? Guess that's because there wasn't too much time left, and thus the mercy. A special thanks to the Sisters for making my gatecrashing a Kodak moment.

(4) The brothers had an easy time in the day too, as I bore the bunt of the sabos. Joe did me proud by being my fellow bikini pole dancer.

(5) As my morning event ended late, my brothers and sisters hardly had the time to rest before the night event. In fact, some of them just went home to change and come to hotel straight. Really appreciate the help you have given, bros and sistas. I'm proud to have buddies like you all.

(6) Wedding Dinner went on fine. The Chinese food was excellent. The portion was great (except for the table full of hungry colleagues) and the quality was good. You can forget about anything that ever happen in the wedding, just remember that the food (at the the Chinese food) is good.

(7) During the 2nd march-in, there were 2 brief moment when the music was off. Kind of interrupted the march-in, and was pretty conspicuous to the guest. But the show must go on.

(8) My impromptu speech was lengthy/repititive according to Wifey. Must admit it wasn't properly structured. But I have receive kind feedback for injecting humour to an otherwise standard thank you speech.

(9) Every bride is stunning in the groom's eyes. And both of Wifey's gowns were well-praised by the audience. Designer boutique ok? Don't play play. Now my pocket has a hole liao. =p

(10) A guest that I do not know said I was a cheerful guy and should maintain the smile always. I told her "I got no choice, life is short".

(11) It feels good that the wedding has ended. Now I can concentrate on making money liao. And play more World of Warcraft. =p

(12) I still keep calling her mum "Auntie". Need to get some using to. After all, its a name I have referred to for the past 4 years.

Career is not an excuse to delay Marriage.
Marriage is a reason to focus on career.

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