Tuesday, July 3

A little goal does not hurt.

I will not be working for anyone when I hit 45.

Then, I will wake up in the morning, doing things I love.

An hour of free style dancing.
An hour of newspapers.
And spending remaining time with Wifey and minor housework.

After which, work will start at noon after lunch.

It’s a vision I have.
A target I work towards.

It doesn't neccessary mean I will get it.
But without a target and working towards it, I will just be a salary worker till 65.

What about you?


Hippo said...

I am being paid for doing things that I loved. Can I say I have reached my goal or I have retired? :)

Anonymous said...

:) read ur entire blog..

The Horny Bitch said...

Let guys figure it out and marry the guy who figured it out and wake up at 45 having nothing to worry abt..

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