Thursday, August 16

Go with the flow.

Mr WaterTap has been my direct boss for the past 2-3 years.

Like a water tap that is turned on, he can talk continuously for an hour, even when there is no response from the listener.
I will say he's a little terror when he arrives at my cubicle just prior to me leaving work - it means I have to stay late. =(

He is very pokey, asking for regular updates. That however did kind keep me on my toes and focus on the outcomes.

But despite that, he was one who have taught me alot in the course of "co-working" with him. Both on managing customers, and the operational know-hows.

Mr WaterTap is a perfectionist, and has high expectations for our work. But he is also realistic enough to lower them should our project not be able to yield desired results.

And he's ready to defend his guys in front of his bosses. So we can concentrate on managing the customers.

He is also firm, and volunteers to be be the bad guy to ensure that the relevant customers cooperate, even if it means sending nasty emails and Cc to the cutomer's boss.

I do not always agree totally with his views on various issues, but he has got my votes to stay on the island.

Now that he is gone from the department, do kind of miss his overzealous participation as a leader. He talks alot, but at least he gets things done. All bosses should lead by example.

Without him, Mr Ghost and Miss Totoro, the department does seem alot quieter.

Note: I normally refrain from writing about work-related stuffs, but guess there's no harm since I'm not badmouthing anyone.

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