Wednesday, August 15

The Magic Tree (Part 3)

Continuation from
The Magic Tree (Part 1) and
The Magic Tree (Part 2)

After leaving the Magic Tree, the Blind Monkey headed a random direction. His future is uncertain - he knows not if he is heading towards the tree that will restore his sight.

He has no guidance from anyone. His best friend - is his gut feel.
he has no one to talk to, but he does not feel lonely.

He will sniff and feel around for anything edible.
And kept his ears opened for the sound of running streams.
He relied on his senses, turning whenever he hit an obstacles.

Somehow, he felt a strange sense of peace within himself, despite being in the world of unknown.

He fears not about hungry lions who are probably prowling around for an easy prey.
He fears not about starving, as he feels the grass beneath his feet. If zebras can survive on them, surely a monkey can.

The blind-monkey is single-tracked minded in his focus to get to the pot under the rainbow. If all roads lead to Rome, surely a blind monkey will reach his destination someday.

The journey he walked would have probably covered a few marathons.
After weeks of walking and changing directions, he hears something familiar.

The familiar sound of chirpy squirrels.

After weeks of trying to leave the Magic tree, he is back at the same tree again.
Thats definitely not the Rome he was hoping for. But thats also where all his friends are.

The blind monkey knows not whether to laugh or to cry.

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