Monday, September 3


At the suggestion of Squirtz, we watched the local movie, 881 with the clique.

It's a colourful show, sing-and-dance show.
Most of the conversation are in Hokkien (which makes it funny), but there are subtitles, so no one gets lost.

For the froggies that are dwelling inside wishing wells, this story is about the fictitious stories of 2 girls (the Papaya sisters) who sing during getai during the 7th Month Ghost Festival. Jealous of their success, the Durian sisters try to make things difficult for them, till the 2 pair of sisters decide to have a final showdown, with the loser leaving the getai scene forever.

To be frank, I'm more pro-Durian Sisters than the Papaya Sisters.
Yes, the Durian Sisters are angmoh-sounding sisters in the show, but they are played by real-life chio twins May and Choy, whom I was told are the results of a Malaysian (Malaysia boleh!) and Norwegian.

Superior Malaysian genes

Throw the logic aside when you watch the show, as there are plenty of loopholes and incredible laser shootings between the 2 rivalry sister groups. Just indulge in the technicolours of the getai costumes, the bond between the 2 sisters and Qi Yuwu's cock (I meant his pet chicken, what were you thinking?).

Judging by the full attendance at the theatre during the 2nd week running of the show, I'm sure the movie will be a rather smash hit.

All in all, a good effort by Royston Tan.

Here's three cheers to Singapore producers!
Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip hooray! ^_^

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I wanna watch it too...

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