Tuesday, September 4

Sweet dreams are made of these

My poor Wifey had a bad dream last night, to the point that she woke up with tears in her eyes. Which led me thinking, why do we dream?

My interpretation about dreams has always been this - People dream because of things that will not happen.

Isn't it amazing how the people you don't know well appear as important characters in your dream? Are dreams a subconscious wanting of something, or a premonition of what will happen, or just a bizarre random event?

A simple lookup on Wikipedia reveals the following.

(1) Most common emotion experienced in dreams are anxiety.
(2) 70% of the characters dreamt by men are male. For woman, they have an equal chance of dreaming male or female characters.
(3) <10% of the content in dreams are R(A) related.
(4) Recurring dreams are common.
(5) Interesting to note that most dreams cannot be recalled.

So, what do dreams mean to you?

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