Thursday, October 18

Facebook is evil?

I have read and heard about the term "Facebook" at least once a day.

Now children, what's all that hype about?
Even numbernine is hooked to it.

And that's like the guy I least expect to be into these kind of stuffs. Facebook actually managed to grab the attention of a rational bookworm, an intellectual hooked on ideologies and histories of famous poliicians.

My conclusion? Facebook is evil.
But still, can anyone educate me on why the POOKing hell it is so popular?


eStee said...

I must admit I'm a facebook addict :) heee.. :) thanks for linking my blog on your blogroll :)

numbernine said...

I am not a rational bookworm. I'm a horny sex pervert.

Anonymous said...

Did you really write all these?

My my...the standard of your English had certainly gone up a lot since we were in JC.

And I still think AC is the best!!!

Hope to see you next week! Tutorial-Gang needs a reunion after all these years.

numbernine said...

No no no. AC cannot be the best, because the best is yet to be.

numbernine said...

Yes facebook is totally evil.

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