Wednesday, October 17

Its not hard to be wrong.

When you make motherhood statements like a manager, you won't go wrong.
When you forecast ambiguously like a fortune teller, its hard to go wrong.
When you add in assumptions like an analyst, the chance of going wrong reduces.

"We need to work harder."
"We need to improve our productivity and reduce cost."
"We need to stick closely to the deadlines."
"We have to adhere to company guidelines."
"You should not have done it this way. Now its failing."
"Stay cautious. Take profit when prices are high."
"Don't put all your eggs in basket."
"The market will go up after it has finish correcting."

Talk is cheap.
And those who cheap talk are more often then not, oblivious to the fact that they are not adding value.

Now tell me something I (and everyone else) do not know.

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