Friday, October 26

The Forbes Fictional 15

Every year, Forbes will release a list of the richest people around.

What some of you may not know is that there is also a Forbes Fictional 15 - Fictional characters who possibly will have tons of money if they were plying their trades in real life.

Some of the funny ones include Forbes Fictional #5: Mr Monopoly who makes his money through land estate.

Not surprisingly, rich folks like Scrooge McDuck and Blinky Mr Burns are in the list!

Mr Burns is evil. More evil than Facebook. Really.

And if #15: Mario, who is just a lowly-paid plumber can make it to the list, with a net worth of 1 billion dollars, why can't you (and me)?

"Mustachioed Italian plumber leaps onto Fictional 15 after decades of collecting gold coins from sewers, clouds, oceans. Dabbled in other trades, including boxing referee, race-car driver, golf pro and doctor, but maintains the best way to get rich is smashing brick blocks. Humble profession belies many accomplishments: defeated King Koopa, repeatedly saved Mushroom Kingdom, rescued damsel in distress from giant, barrel-flinging ape. Twin brother Luigi remains closest companion. Says Mario, enthused about newfound wealth: "Woohoo! It's-a me, Mario!" New member."

Shame shame on all of you who have less than a billion dollars!!

So who's number 1 on the list?
Make a guess before you check it out.

And nope, it isn't Santa Claus.
Mr Ho Ho Ho has been unseated from last year's listing!!!

The list is here.

Maybe I should set up a Shingo T's list of 15 supposed-to-be richest friends for the fun of it.
What do you think? ^_^

Side Note: The Fictional 15 award may appear all fun and laughter. But do ponder about how they rise from rag to riches. Who knows? You might get some out-of-the-box lucrative ideas. Duh!

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