Thursday, October 25

What to do about life that is never fair?

There is no such thing as a fair play.

My parents were migrants struggling to earn a living to keep me and my sister alive and educated.
His parents were businessman struggling to decide between buying a Ferrari or a Porsche for him.

The Chinese burnt the Englishman's opium knowing how detrimental it is to the society.
The Englishman made a fuss out of it, threatened war, and ended up having Hong Kong for many years.

America is a country with billions of debts.
It is also the country with the loudest voice.

The Louvre, a famous museum in France, is the proud owner of the fame Mona Lisa painting.
But the artist of the work is Italian. How Leonardo Da Vinci's work ended up being a money-making attraction for France is still a controvesy.

Iranian conjoined twins, Laden and Laleh Bijani.
2 people who were stuck with each other, but blessed with the gift of optimistim.
2 people who spread joy despite their inner emotional pain.
God took them away.
And all the world remembers about Iran these days is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and nuclear threat.
Iran has more than a face to remember.
But who still remembers?

The company goes for retrenchment to reduce headcount cost by 20%, leaving plenty of workers (many with family and financial liabilities) jobless.
The stockholders are glad to know that steps are taken to keep the company a trim and lean fighting machine.

The vice-president sends an email with a simple question.
Blinky The manager panics (or wants to show he is responsive) and gets all his man to look into the email with utmost priority.

Blinky The manager know nuts about what the users REALLY want.
But he also get the most pay as compared to his subordinates who really know what is going on. Not to mention the extra car allowances and a better bonus scale.

Recently, there was an email from my colleague complaining that the D&D for our HR, Finance departments will be held in a classy hotel on Orchard Road. That contrasts alot to the venue of our department's D&D, which is held in a normal restaurant in a shopping centre.

Unfair? Maybe, but I wasn't too bothered.

Life is always full of unfairness.

You can either choose to complain about getting speared by the bull, or you can think about how to grab the bulls by the horn the next time round.

Take control of life, and not the other way round.

Take a step in the other direction when walking in a seemingly endless desert.
Cos you might be rewarded with an oasis for all your troubles.


small monkey said...

The power to believe in yourself. That will become the power to change your life. Watch Naruto. Its good for you. Haha.

Shingo T said...

Naruto? Haha, will take a look when I can find some time for the TV. ^_^

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