Monday, October 22

A note to Mr Sniper

On my first day of work many years ago, my colleague's mum passed away. There was an email that was circulated to all of us asking for "white gold" (money for condolances) to be put into this white envelope. Because I do not know him well Being my first day of work as a poor fresh graduate, I did not donate anything.

At the end of the day, I got an email from a fellow newcomer who joined a month earlier. And it wrote "Were you the guy who dropped a one dollar coin inside the envelope? May God have mercy on your soul."

May God have mercy on your soul? Now WHO THE POOK IS THIS NOOB who dares talk like that to the handsome and almighty Shingo T?

The name of the noob is Mr Sniper.

And in a strange turn of events, he ended up being one of my best friends these years.

Mr Sniper was the guy who brought me down to the staff canteen for a consolation chat, after my breakoff with my first gf. (Joe being the other who lent the listening ear) For that I'm forever grateful.

Mr Sniper was the guy who initiated gatherings and brought fun to an otherwise mediocre job.

Mr Sniper was the guy who kept a lookout for many of us and the newcomers, as if he's the godbrother for everyone he knew.

Mr Sniper was the guy who will jolt down his expenses down to the details, but never hesitant on giving us generous treats.

Mr Sniper was the one who bluffed praised me to the skies to the girl I was attracted to - someone I now call Wifey.

Mr Sniper was subsequently one of my best man. A word of advice, try not to wear a black suit during people's wedding. You risk looking better than the groom. =( Try a pink colour suit the next time round.

Mr Sniper is one of those guys I hope to regularly stay in touch with even if I am out of the company. In fact, I'll probably haunt him after I'm dead.

And on his birthday today, I wished him all the best in whatever he do.

Yes, it's nowhere an innovative birthday greeting.
But you know whatever I say comes from the bottom of my heart. I don't do lip service.

Have tried calling ya on the handphone to personally sing you a birthday song, but your lousy voice recorder kept answering.
Should you want to hear me sing song, call me on my handphone. Offer is valid until 23 Oct 2007 midnight sharp.
Yes, my singing sucks, but I'm always willing to make a fool out of myself to entertain ya, bro.

Side note: Numbernine was the originator of the nickname "Mr Sniper".
*points finger and ALL responsibilities at Numbernine*


eStee said...

Shingo: thanks for visiting my blog :) *xoxo*

numbernine said...

Me what me?

I only remember that in my one and only post about work (since taken down) I had given people pseudonyms based on their NS vocations, and for some reason "engineer" and "commando" didn't stick ...

Oh and happy birthday, sniper!

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