Wednesday, October 24

IQ Question - Heads and Tails

You are in a dark room with 50 coins.

20 of the coins are in the "heads" position, while the remaining 30 of them are "tails".

You are supposed to separate them into 2 piles such that the number of "heads" is the same for the 2 piles.

How do you go about doing that?

Hint 1: This is an not a "qian4 bian3 wen4 da2 ti2" (silly question). You are not allowed to turn on the lights, feel the coin for the "head" etc...
Hint 2: You can choose to flip the coins.


Anonymous said...

Can put the coin vertical or not? Hee. Then number of heads in the 2 piles = 0 = same regardless.

Or stack the coins up to 2 piles... dunno how to differentiate H or T in the dark though...


Shingo T said...

Haha, your first answer was my initial answer. You can't do that, all the coins are either "Heads" or "Tails".

Second answer cannot. Eventually they will switch on the lights to see if both your piles have the same number of heads.

On a side note, Numbernine has gotten the answer. ^_^

small monkey said...

separate at random, the pile into pile A=20 coins and pile B=30 coins. Flip over all the coins for pile A. The number of heads will be the same for both piles of coins. :) correct?

Shingo T said...

Small monkey, correct!

Mr Ghost got it right too.

Actually, I gave up and was told the answer. =p But I like to think that I would have gotten it if not for the lack of time to think.


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