Monday, November 12

Give me what I want

There was a demonstration in Kuala Lumpur (affectionately known as KL by the rest of Asia), as I have read over the papers. Quite caught by surprised, since we seldom have such stuffs.

Good to know its a peaceful demonstration. The silly police had to ruin it all with the tear gas and water cannon. =(

The media said there were 4,000 activists (which sounds like a really low number to me), but Pinkpau's website (and the pictures I saw) suggest the number missed a zero, it should be 40,000!

40,000 Malays + Chinese + Indians + Tourists (gosh!) + other people.

I have minimal knowledge about what truly went on, so will be best if I talk less and refer you to Pinkpau's experience at the rally. A very nice (and a little funny) read.

Quoting from her blog:
"when the memorandum was accepted by the Agong’s secretary, the crowd cheered and started dispersing. then the Muslims were chanting prayers in unison. it was such a comforting sight to behold"
My country Malaysia may be pretty notoriuos for our crime-rates, bribery and stuffs, but most of us Malaysians has this deep-rooted loyalty to the country.

Give me what I want, cos what I want is what you need.

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eStee said...

truly, patriotism is a beautiful thing :)

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