Sunday, November 11

11 facts about this blog

(1) This blog was written with the intention of collecting my thoughts, mainly focused about happiness, health maintainance and wealth creation. My aim is to eventually write a book about it based on the consolidated materials here. I can always dream, can't I?

(2) All the pictures used in this blog are linked to someone else's websites. Trust me, my drawing sucks. And I got no time for photography just to get the appropriate picts.

(3) I respect my Wifey, and will in no way, write anything that will make her paiseh. I may not be a celebrity, but I wanna keep my wife out as much as possible.

(4) This blog started with my close friends as the target audiences. Its amazing how far the readership has gone. It ain't humongous, but at least the weekly counts are decent. Average weekly counts hover about 300-400. I'm presuming no one keep clicking on the refresh button.

(5) I have an excel sheet that keeps track of my weekly readership volume. This, in turn, push me further to write. I'm egoistic, after all.

(6) My England sucks, I know. I have tons of typo errors and not always good at expressing myself. But as long as you understand the idea, its good enough lah.

(7) A blog with infrequent updates is as good as a sleeping blog. As I have realised with my previous webpage (which was based on a gaming theme), you need to update now and then to keep the regular readers.

(8) I wish to generate income for my blog. Added Nuffnang for possible passive income. I do as I preach. Passive income will always be better than active incomes, though the magnitude is harder to be achieved with passive incomes.

(9) My Wifey reads my blog. I will like to think she's my No. 1 fan. But its kind of funny when she reads my blog and then yells out "You bullshit! Where got like that?" Got lah. Where no have?

(10) Though writing in Cyberspace gives me a chance to hide behind the PC, I write about nothing but the truth (unless I forgot about how it goes, unintentionally). I can be a good liar if I want to. But I have grown up. Every lie you make must be covered up by many more lies. And that can be tiring.

(11) Lastly, don't feel paiseh to comment. I read all your comments (because I seldom get much of them).

Thanks for all the support to "Cup of Ice".

Have a lovely Monday ahead!

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