Friday, December 28

Don't you love Decembers?

December is the month when most operations come to a lull.

December is the month when your ever-busy boss starts clearing his leaves.

December is the month when Christmas and New Year holidays are just a few days, inching from each other. An this year, Hari Raya Haji joins it for a 3-hit combo.

December is the month to be shopping around for Christmas presents, and to mingle around the Orchard crowd.

December is the month for year-end sale. Good news to Wifey, bad news for her hubby.

December is the month when rainy days come aplenty. Its inconvenient when one is out. But lovely when at home listening to the raindrops.
*starts singing raindrops keep falling on my head*

December is the month where I have my birthday. Its a day for me to remember who remembers my birthday. Lost count of the number of related sms I have gotten, but when the least expected person remembers your birthday, it perks you up. ^_^

December is the month for the Annual Standard Chartered Marathon. It will be the annual pilgrimmage for me. A good time to sweat it out and reflect over what I have done for the year.

December is thus the month to wrap up the accomplishments and misses for the year, and start planning for New Year Resolutions.

Hmm... on 2nd thought, lets leave the New Year Resolutions to January. ^_^

About the Author: Shingo T is campaigning for 32 days in December, and 30 days in January.

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The Horny Bitch said...

Raindrops kepp falling on my head
Just like the guy's whose feet was too big for his bed..

December Baby.. Save a lot of money sia.. hahah

Happy New year ah..

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