Sunday, December 30

When one door closes

There is no one in the world who lives in a completely blessed life.

Not even the late Princess Diana, who many will have presumed to live happily ever after with his Prince Charming before the unfortunate incidents followed.

The perfect example to show that true hotness and compassion do co-exist in women.

Not many people have the mindset to view shi*ty events as blessed events.

A person who was retrenched in his job blames the company for not choosing the many less competent colleagues over him. He feels depressed and unjust for all the years of hard work he had put in. And gets angry everytime the company's name was brought up in conversations.

Another man faced with the same retrenchment ended up starting his own company (true story) and is now doing very well in his path to seek financial abundance.

An ex-bankrupt in Singapore managed to be the founder of a chain of tuition centres that specialise in tecahing Mathematics. His newfound wealth would not have been possible without realising that many new doors are opened.

When one door closes, many other doors open.

For those who believes in God, disasters are God's way of showing you a new path.
That is IF you realise that.

Without closing a door, many of us will actually fail to realise that there are many other doors we can enter.

If your biggest client stop patronising you, it doesn't mean you close shop.
It just means its time to find another client, or an even bigger one.

When the mother bird fails to come back to feed the young bird, the young bird has to go out and search for his worms.

When my ex-gf sms me to breakup, I am one stop closer to finding out the kind of woman I really want. And thats how I found me Wifey.

Adversity is a forced opportunity.

An opportunity to explore many new avenues.
An opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone.
An opportunity to make you a better man, a more prepared person in future adversities, and to discover your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

IF you only knew.


The Horny Bitch said...

Happy New Year!

Many doors open. Dunno which 1 to enter only..

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