Monday, December 24

I miss my long sleeve shirt.

Having worked in my ex-company for many years, where the working attire is formal, I have amassed a wadrobe of formal working attire - long sleeve shirts and black trousers.

My new job, on the contrary, allows me to dress down to T-shirts, jeans and even slippers. As my colleagues are all dressed down, I blend in by wearing something similar.

Quite frankly, I missed wearing my formal clothings. They are now casted aside in the cold palace until the rare occassion when someone gets married. And I have to start topping up on casual wear.

There are a few reasons why I prefer wearing formal wear for work.

Image is one. Call me Mr Vain if you want, but I always treat myself as a professional (though my jobscope may not dictate likewise). Walking around in slippers in the City District looks kind of weird. Oh well, I may be too sensitive bah.

And seriously, I think I look better in long sleeves. =p
Actually, many guys do.

Convenience. I have some appointments at certain night which requires me to be appropriately attired. And I don't want to bring extra clothings to work.

Will miss my Hush Puppies too. They are the best work shoes I have ever worn.

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The Horny Bitch said...

I love dressing down... Dressing formally is sooooo tiring!!

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