Tuesday, December 25

Why not Nuffnang your blog?

Alot of bloggers blog for the love of writing and sharing of ideas.

And many have forgotten that the blog can be an avenue for passive income. And its easy to place that little advert on your blog!

(1) Register for an account
I strongly recommend Nuffnang (SG) for blogs targetted at Singaporeans and Nuffnang (MY) for Malaysians. The advertisements are sponsored mainly by Singapore/Malaysian companies, so you won't be getting out of context advertisements. There is also Advertlets, which is Malaysia-based advertiser but moving on to Singapore.

(2) Add the HTML code onto your blog
The website will guide you on how to do that. All you need to know is how to copy and paste.

(3) Blog as per normal and watch the money come in
Once you have at least 20 unique visitors per day, Nuffnang's advertisers will consider putting advertisements on your sites. And thats when the money starts to come in. Payment is based on unique webpage views, so do not have to worry about viewers not clicking on your advertisements. And once you reach at least S$50, you can cash out the earnings (S$1 charge applies). For Advertlets, its a minimum of S$100 before you can cash out.

I'm not advising you to turn your blog into a commercial blog, laden with countless advertisements and minimal contents. Because these blogs SUCK big time. Just one or two adverts will do. Eventually, it is still the regular content updates to your blogs that keeps your users coming back (and increase your unique visitor counts).

And when your blog gets more popular years down the road, the passive income will grow (exponentially?).

So don't leave your blog idling with no passive income.
Reward yourself now and then for the amount of time you spent blogging.

A little advertisement won't hurt. ^_^

About the Author: Shingo T thinks Nuffnang is a cute name for advertising company.


The Horny Bitch said...

How come my earning still $0.00 when I can hit 800 visits a day?!

Bluff ppl 1...

Shingo T said...

Hi HB,
When starting out, its always the small Nuffnang logo that you will see on your site. And you don't get paid for that.

You will only earn if they add any advertisements (they call it campaigns) to replace that logo.

I had no advertisements for the first 2-3 months or so. Starting a little sianz, mailed Nuffnang HelpDesk to ask, and was told that they will add the advertisements once they find a related sponsor for me, which they did soon enough.

Have gotten 3 camaigns for the past month or so.

Drop them an email to enquire bah. With 800 posts/day, you will be earning a decent paycheck for some manicure and clubbing treats!

Cheers! ^_^

Shingo T said...

Paiseh, I meant 800 visits/day, not post/day.

The Horny Bitch said...

I think maybe calling myself HB may be the prob.. Sianz.. :(

Claudia said...

do i need to email them to ask? what u ask?

Tiffanie Teoh said...

hi , i got 2 advertise ads in my blog and got unique view as well why my earning still $?

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