Tuesday, December 11

Out in the open.

Its easy to see why many bloggers rather keep their identities anonymous.

We bloggers are like deers roaming around the jungle.
We never know when we are in danger of being hunted (exposed).

Kenny Sia, the mouth-watering deer

Readers are like the hunters hiding around the bushes.
They hide behind their PCs and read all they want without anyone knowing.
And they can POOKing shoot the deer as and when they feel like it.

Alot of my friends who have tried blogging somehow lost the drive to write somehow along the way. Some have quitted because they have ran out of stuffs to entertain the "fans", while some have quitted after realising that blogging is a thankless job which does nothing but eats into your personal time.

Most bloggers are not writing for any other reason than sharing an online diary and their thoughts. The occassional comments do cheer us up, it acts as a feedback mechanism and let us know that someone is really wasting their time reading what we write.

Blogging can be a very lonely exercise sometimes.

On a side note. To my friend Tammy Miss Cabbage that I'm a regular reader of your blog. Its sad to see one less deer. When you come back, you may want to consider changing to a blog that can leave comments without signing in (Blogspot?).

This entry is for ya, together with the many bloggers who have hanged up their shoes.
Come back soon.


Anonymous said...


IFF ms cabbage ever take the bat off the wall, she'll consider a site meter, # of hits, comments entry to encourage deer-self.

merry merry xmas.

annoymous veggie

The Horny Bitch said...

There will always be things to write... 2 years and still counting..
Ok. Better don't speak too soon.

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