Monday, December 10

My new job

I have thrown my apron aside, and started on a new journey, a new job.

My laptop wasn't delivered yet, so I spent my first day at work doing close to nothing, just browsing the company's catalogue. There was the occassional introduction talks by the managers, and also an online conference in the afternoon.

The number of gals in the department environment is great. Helps that most of us are youngsters. Reminds me of the good old days in my previous company when we had plenty of fun while working.

Good to see that everyone is busy, and I'm expecting myself to get my hands really dirty soon. It is good to be busy during office hours, and yet be able to leave home on the dot. This way, you will feel gainfully deployed, without being mentally drained.

Free packet/can drinks can be found in the fridge, a good start. On a side note, did I mention that Coca Cola has 7 tablespoons worth of sugar in every can? I better resist the temptation.

One downside to the job, I think, is the number of regular meetings they have every week with our overseas counterpart. I went for my first online conferencing, and had a little difficulty keeping myself awake. I need to sleep earlier. =p

The city is a vibrant place to work in, something that can be felt during lunch. And nope, I have not mastered the art of using tissue paper as reservation tickets. Cheap and good food, how can anyone not love the hawker centres in the city?

As for company benefits, that's the interesting part.
Edit: Have removed the benefits for my company. Just playing a little safe.

Looking forward to some action tomorrow. Hope my laptop is here.

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