Friday, January 4

Have fun, little Feline!

I started reading Finicky Feline's blog way before I blogged, and before I realised that Kenny Sia existed.

It is a daily read for me. It may not have any flashy pictures, but the contents are very local. From her experience with long queues at the Malaysian Embassy, to thoughts on her relationship and friendships, they all make a very entertaining read.

Helps that this Penang girl also came from my country. Limpeh is always proud when fellow Malaysians make an impact somewhere, some how.

So when she decided to stop blogging, so as to de-centralise your life from her blog, I was a little disappointed (though happy for her).

Thanks for making my days, Finicky Feline.

Sibeh Sian has written a poem for ya, should you read this.

And have fun in real-life.

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