Saturday, January 5

Review of New Year Resolutions 2007

One year ago, I set 13 targets for my New Year Resolutions 2007 on my blog.

So how far off have I been?

1. Have 1 steady source of monthly passive source, generating X dollars per month.
=> Have added a few sources of passive income, but not yet to achieve my X dollars per month.

2. Earn X dollars from stocks for this year, including proceeds from IPOs.
=> This was actually achieved in the mid of this year, but recent market correction has wiped out much of the gains.

3. Have 1 more source of extra active/passive income.
=> Done. ^_^

4. Change job by this year if all the above 3 cannot be achieved.
=> Done.

5. Save X dollars a month.
=> Did not do so, as I failed to factor in the costs for honeymoon and wedding costs.


6. Take part in all local major running events that are between 10 to 21km, provided there is no rain.
=> All done except the Real Run.

7. Sleep before midnight for at least 6 nights a week (I'm aiming for Thursday to be the only exception).
=> Not done due to the lack of discipline. No excuses for this.

8. At least 1 complete healthy meal a day.
=> Done.

9. Lose 3 kg. ie. obtain 65kg.
=> Failed badly. In fact, I gained 1 kg.

10. Complete Standard Chartered Half-marathon in 2.5 hrs.
=> Took close to 3 hours. This can't be achieved without the lack of weekly training. But at least I'm proud to be doing my 2nd half-marathon. How many people out there have tried it? ^_^


11. 1000 hits per week for Cup of Ice. (Currently at 200-250 hits per week)
Hits have improved to 400-500 hits per week. Not reached the target, but at least I see myself moving closer towards the goal.

12. Hit level 70 for all my characters in World of Warcraft.
Nope. No idea why I set this as a target in the first place.

13. Be able to conversate in basic (broken) Malay.
Nope. Wasn't disciplined enough to enrol for Malay classes.

As you can see, I did not manage to achieve most of my targets. One of the lessons I learnt is that because I did not consciously remember the targets that I set a year ago (except for 1 healthy meal/day), that was why I did not make a conscious effort on some of the targets set.

Targets like losing 3 kg and having 1000 hits/week for "Cup of Ice", I didn't even recall setting them till I just reviewed it.

Looks like I will have to do a better job this year with setting them. And this time round, I will print it and bring it with me around.

Have you set your targets this year?


The Horny Bitch said...

I didn't make any last year.. :)

Ursa Majora said...

good job - setting targets and keeping track of them over the course of a year is already a feat. keep it up!

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