Sunday, January 13

How can you not dance!

Close friends know how much I love to dance.

And it isn't because I dance good.
On the contrary, my dancing is amatuerish.

Everyone can dance.
It really doesn't matter how you do it.
As long as you are having great fun, you are on the right track.

The key to proper dancing, as my dance instructor once told me, was to just remember to move your shoulders and hips.

I always pay attention to the angmoh guys during my clubbing days.
One thing I realised about them is that they are thick-skinned.
Many angmoh guys dance more amatuerish than I am, but they have the balls to dance in an empty dancefloor.
And I think that's what set them different apart from the typical reserved Asians.

I'm never shy about dancing.
I once took to the stage during my ex-company D&D and dance blindfolded, and clinched the table award for my colleagues. I became known as the "Guy who danced at D&D" subsequently in my ex-company. Was told that my dance was sent to Youtube. Still no idea if that's a joke. Thinking back, I think I was voted not because I'm good, but because I'm the person they least expect to see dancing on stage.

Limpeh is a Chao Ah Beng trapped in a Nerd's body.
You kua buay song, is it?

Call me an attention-seeking whore for all you like.
I don't care so long as I'm having fun.
Having fun is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about.
Having the courage to dance already sets you an epsilon higher than your non-dancing counterparts.

Too much reservations will only hinder your fun and progression.

Dance and music are food for the soul.
They work like cigarettes and alcohol, without the side effects.
They make your Mr Ego shiok shiok high high into the sky.

Have you ever seen a person who dance without having fun?
I haven't.

40 years from now, Limpeh will be a Dancing Grandpa.

And you can be a Grumpy Grandpa if you have nothing to liven your soul.

About the Author: Shingo T wants to know how to breakdance without breaking his bones.


Anonymous said...

Hai, i'm one of those who is shy at dancing in public without being self conscious. The pressure of people judging u is so awful. But i like to blast the music and dance in my pyjamas in the comforts of my own room ;)

Shingo T said...

Good to see you are having fun dancing. ^_^

Yes, it can get really paiseh dancing in public. But its not as if its illegal lor.

Guess thats the thing about Asians, we tend to be "modest" because of our culture and upbringings.


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