Monday, January 21

A sibeh suspicious blog

As much as some of us are anti-Xiaxue, we should at least give her credit for rising among the ranks and becoming the blogging icon (not role model) for Singapore, just like how Kenny Sia is the counterpart for Malaysia.

There are many blogs worth reading, but not yet as high profile than those mentioned earlier. Such blogs dish out entertaining contents on a regular basis. Much better than the many stale sites that has no updates in months.

Well, through a link on my comments, I chanced upon this blog by someone who claims to be a Suspicious Man. Cool, he is a local, and has a blog too.

And this entry caught my eye as I was briefly scanning through chunks of text.
There's something about That 300 parody.

Parody simi lai ay? (What the POOK is parody?)

A entertaining picture-filled thread, guaranteed to bring a chuckle to your face (and lower your IQ too). Nonetheless, whoever made this is a genius. Go take a look.

About the Author: Shingo T is wondering if he should call himself the Insignificant Man, to avoid detection by any suspicious folks.

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The Horny Bitch said...

Nah.. Cup of ice is good enough.. :)

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