Saturday, January 26

Organic Food, anyone?

There is an organic food restaurant right near where my office is. As a result of a last minute cancelled lunch appointment, I got the chance to have a go at the nearby organic food cafe. The place was quite packed with office executives, despite the fact that the price at %6.50 for a mixed organic rice set, is steeper than the food price at the neighbouring markets.

Food was ok, but the beansprouts sure looked humongous. I'm sure to go back there again, provided I have no anti-vegetarian lunch khakis.

Anyway, with organic food gaining more popularity among a disease-stricken developing nation, it might be worthwhile for you to read more about the wonders that this food can do for you.

For starters, organic food consists of both organic vegetables and organic meat.

For organic vegetables, they are grown without the use of evil pesticides and other chemicals, and also does not contain food additives to keep them fresh. Pesticides are slow poison, and are associated with health problems like dementia, cancer and birth defects (pregnant mummies please note).

For organic meat, it means that the animals are not injected with evil growth hormones. Take the humble chicken for example. By injecting hormones, these little fellas grow into chickens in just 3-4 weeks, drstaically down from a growth period of a few months. By ingesting these "mutated" chickens, we also consume the growth hormones. No, your growth will not be magnified as a result of your indirect consumptions of the hormones.

But hormones are factors linked to cause cancer.

Taste-wise, studies have shown that organic food actually taste better. It's not surprising, considering how much more nutritional value they have. Organic fruits and vegetables, for instance, contain 40% more antioxidants compared to normal supermarket cousins. It also makes you live longer.

Cost will be an issue with organic food, as anyone who have been to a local organic food supermarket will tell you. With the innovation of modern technology, I'm hoping that this will not be an issue in future, and maybe someday it will become only slightly more expensive than regular non-organic food.

And one last trivia here. When you take in organic food, you actually do a part for the environment, by reducing pesticides usage, which will eventually flow to nearby rivers and cause contamination to the aquatic creatures.

Eat good.
Feel great.
And do your part for the environment.

About the Author: Shingo T hates pesticides with a vengence.

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nat said...

I am definitely not anti-vegetarian and should check the place out. one of these days...

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