Wednesday, February 13

The death of a Singapore Icon

You probably may have been aware that Ah Meng is no longer with us.

The death of the world-reowned Orang Utan has been well publicised in newspapers over the world (I read it up on the Qatar newspapers). At 48 years of age, her lifespan is equivalent to a human lifespan of 95 years.

First brought to the zoo in 1971, Ah Meng was taken away from a family that had kept her as an illegal pet. Her fame came later in 1982 in a programme called "Breakfast with an Orang-Utan". Who can forget the numerous photos that appear on our local newspapers, of our shy mascot posing with visitors?

I'm sure she has brought awareness to her endangered species to many who have visited the Singapore Zoo. And also the reminder of the man-made depletion of natural rainforests.

She is survived by 4 children and 6 grand-children. Isn't she very comparable to a grandma by our standards? I'm sure her descendants continue to do her proud by spreading the message.

May the grand ol' dame rest in peace.
In a world full of love and bananas.


The Horny Bitch said...

Yes. One of Sg's icon is gone but the artist that died in the same period is sadder as his funeral is less grand than an orang utan...

A Suspicious Man said...

HB took the words right out of my mouth man!

Frankly speaking, The comedian got a smaller article on the papers as well.. one just spends her life sitting around waiting for bananas and photo taking sessions, while another spends his life working his arse off. talk about a sad life.

All my condolences are belong to them..

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