Monday, February 18

Random Notes 27

(1) I am just back from the company retreat in a nearby country. The company flew us all on Singapore Airlines (thank you, Company), but I couldn't get to play games on KrisWorld. =(
Lesson to learn: When KrisWorld doesn't work for you, let the SIA crew know. I got a US$50 to shop for short flights.

(2) Which airlines can you find the most attractive air stewardess?

(3) If your luggage case is spoilt after it comes out from the baggage collection area in the airport, please get a letter from the Airport before you leave for the Arrival Hall. Miss that and you will have difficulty claiming from your travel insurance.

(4) As I'm getting more involved with the great Company I'm in, I sometimes wonder if I am drifting away from my plan to achieve financial freedom.
Note to myself: Must not be complacent and forget about the importance of having an increasing multiple sources of income.

(5) I was surfing Net while on an online conference at home. And when I entered Geek Goddess' website, the background music on the site went on. I got the shock of my life when the big boss over in US said "Can someone turn the music off?" Its a good thing that no one knew it was me. I was one of the many participants. But someone commented subsequently over the meeting that it was a great song. Haha.
Note to myself: Never add background music on my website.

(6) Geek Goddess has an entry to share with guys the signs that she loves you. A good read for the single man perhaps?

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eStee said...

hello! sorry for the music... I took it off already :) anyway now got a new sound.. i have the durex banner up from Nuffnang and there is this weird vibrating sound (.. durex promoting new lines of vibrators! )

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